Cherly in Prague, Czech Republic, 2019

Music takes the best of me, as I have always been an introverted music enthusiast. By writing my own music, I am able to express myself, and by singing, I am able be who I am. Without music, my life journey would be nothing but an empty road.

July 2022

Cherly Susanti (戴嘉妤) is an Indonesian composer and a choral conductor based in Taipei. Her love for choral music grows from her experience singing in the choir. Previously sung in Feixiang Choir, Paramabira, and Batavia Madrigal Singers, Cherly is currently an alto in Taipei Chamber Singers. She was the music director of Feixiang Choir from 2012-2021 before she finally departed from Jakarta to Taipei to pursue her Master’s degree. Together with Feixiang Choir, she has achieved numerous awards in both national and international choir competitions. They participated in The 33rd Praga Cantat 2019, and won two gold diplomas in Mixed Choir and Sacred categories. They also won Best Interpretation for Compulsory Works (Napadly písně by Antonín Dvořák). Her works are dominated by choral music, but in recent years she started to write music for solo instruments as well as chamber and orchestral music. She has received some commissioned projects by choirs and institutions such as BINUS University and GVM Networks.

She developed her vocal skills under the tutelage of Joseph Kristanto Pantioso in Sanggar Musicasa Jakarta. She also spent some time in learning piano under the tutelage of Anita Anggraeni at the same music school, and in 2018 started to learn conducting with Budi Utomo Prabowo in Musicasa. Cherly has attended some vocal masterclasses by Bernadetta Astari, Heny Janawati, and Prof. Towako Sato-Schöllhorn and attended conducting masterclasses by Mark Anthony Carpio, Brady Allred, and Nicolas Fink. In 2021, she received a scholarship from National Taiwan Normal University, where she is now studying Music Composition under the tutelage of Prof. Hope Lee Wen-Pin. She also hone her conducting skills further by attending Dr. Chia-Fen Weng and Prof. Sigmund Thorp’s conducting classes.


Satya Dharma Gita Choir Festival 2019 – Choral Composition Competition

  • 2nd prize in Profane Music category: To My Dearest for mixed choir
  • Gold diploma in Sacred Music category: De Profundis for mixed choir

Lomba Paduan Suara Universitas Airlangga 2018, Surabaya

  • Best Young Conductor

Satya Dharma Gita National Choir Festival 2017 – Choral Composition Competition

  • 2nd prize in Profane Music category: Cahaya Purnama for mixed choir
  • Gold diploma in Sacred Music category: Lacrimosa for mixed choir

The 9th Grand Prix Thailand 2016, Pattaya, Thailand

  • Special Jury Award: Best Original Composition: Daemon Irrepit Callidus for mixed choir