A multitrack project created by Cherly in the times of Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the time involving friends around the world to actually sing together with a many-head (or boringly named multitrack) arrangement by Cherly. Listen to it more on Youtube (wear your headphones for the best experience).

Checkpoint Productions

Founded in 2018, Checkpoint was initiated by Cherly when she held her first ever solo vocal recital titled Checkpoint. Together with Alexandra Katya, she opened Checkpoint Music Studio in PIK, Jakarta, Indonesia, where they and the other teachers teaching private music lessons. Due to the pandemic situation and their departing to Taiwan, the music school then transitioned to online system, thus no longer based in Jakarta. The emerging of virtual choir due to the covid-19 also led them to rebrand themselves to Checkpoint Productions, focusing more into virtual choir editing service and commercial works.

Email us to info@cherlydai.com for your inquiries and we will be happy to assist you!

Commercial Works

We accept commissioned works for commercial purposes such as jingle, hymn, march, anthem, and many more in various genre: classical, pop, jazz, even electronic music. Together with you, we will decide what suits you best; whether it will be the fully orchestrated music or perhaps an eight-part acapella song.

We have works with several companies and individuals, among them are Binus University, GVM Networks, Perum BULOG, and many more.

Virtual Choir Editing Service

Virtual Choir

If you need assistance in creating a virtual choir, then our team is ready to help you! We are a team of people who also sing in a choir and we are trained and experienced in making a virtual collaboration. We have worked with a wide range of age group and with different level of skills.

What we provide:

  • A step-by-step guideline,
  • Audio guide for your members,
  • Mixing and mastering,
  • Video editing, and
  • Music arrangement if you need one!