Choral Works

Solos & Ensembles

  • Perjalanan Angan
    Perjalanan Angan (Journey of Thoughts) was inspired by the busy traffic in Jakarta. Cherly described the beginning as someone is walking through a crowded situation where people are chatting, the cars are honking, a bakso (meatball) seller is passing by and the ambulance’s siren is heard, when suddenly the thoughts of that person slowly enters […]
  • Di Bawah Lembayung Senja
    Di Bawah Lembayung Senja is the second piece of Cherly’s 3 Lagu Tentang Hidup. This particular song is written in B minor as requested by Prajna Indrawati, a collaborative pianist whom requested Cherly to write a piano piece in B minor. The lyrics specifically contain no rolling “r” due to Cherly’s difficulties in spelling rolling […]
  • Tentang Jarak
    Cherly wrote this song on the 100th day of 2020, and it was the 27th day of social distancing, which was done due to the government’s regulation in regards of global pandemic situation. The text itself was inspired by her longing of family and friends, with a hope that we can finally meet again after […]
  • Sarinande
    Sarinande is a traditional Moluccan (Maluku) song about a girl named Sarinande. She cries as if smoke gets in her eyes because she feels uneasy. Cherly dedicated this arrangement for her late brother, who passed away in 2012. He was a volunteer teacher in North Maluku. The intro of this arrangement was inspired by the […]
  • O Ina Ni Keke
    O Ina Ni Keke is a North Sulawesi traditional song written by R. C. Hardjosubroto. This song’s literal meaning was about a mother (“Ina” means mother) who went to Manado city to buy some cakes, but her daughter (“Keke” means daughter) asked for the cakes when it has already finished. Many interprets this song as […]