Tentang Jarak

Recorded by Quaver Vocal Ensemble
Prajna Indrawati, piano

Cherly wrote this song on the 100th day of 2020, and it was the 27th day of social distancing, which was done due to the government’s regulation in regards of global pandemic situation. The text itself was inspired by her longing of family and friends, with a hope that we can finally meet again after the pandemic is over.

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The SSAA Voices and Piano version of this song is published and distributed by Tabernacle Women’s Choir. Click here to purchase.

Saat gelisah menyapa

Bertabur duka nestapa

Ku hanya bisa memejamkan mata,

Mengucap sebuah doa

Saat ku disapa sepi

Tanpa hadirmu di sini

Sejenak berdiam dalam gelita,

Mendamba senyumanmu.

Ijinkanku sampaikan rinduku lewat angin malam untukmu.

Doaku kau s’lalu bahagia.

Badai kan berlalu,

Kita ‘kan bersatu,

Tak lagi terpisah jarak.

Saat kita mencinta…

English translation:

When the restless and sorrow greets me

All I can do is close my eyes,

Say my prayer

When the loneliness of your absence greets me

I stayed in the dark for a moment,

longing for your smile.

Allow me to express my yearning

through the night wind, for you.

I wish you an eternal bliss.

The storm will pass, we will be united,

No longer separated by the distance.

When we are loving…