Cherly Susanti

composer | conductor

Tag Treble Choir

Good Day!

Composed for SSA, piano and violin for D’One Children Choir, Rudi Christmas, conductor.

The text of the song is very simple, just a happy kid in a happy day, knowing that it’s a good day to have a good day!

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Sik Sik Sibatumanikam

A Tapanuli folksong arranged for SA divisi and piano.

Commissioned by Tirtamarta Children Choir, Margaretha Santoso Pardede, conductor for Penabur International Choir 2022.

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Cahaya Purnama (SA and Piano)

This piece is originally composed for mixed choir in 2017 and made into SA and Piano arrangement in 2022. The title Cahaya Purnama means moonlight, taken from the name of the 15th governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaya Purnama (read: Basuki Cahaya Purnama) who has inspired Cherly at the time she wrote this piece because he has made a lot of good changes toward Jakarta, Indonesia, where the composer has grown up. (Taipei, April 22nd, 2022)

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Alexandra Katya, soprano
Cherly Susanti, mezzo-soprano
Elaine Christlee, piano

O Ina Ni Keke

O Ina Ni Keke is a North Sulawesi traditional song written by R. C. Hardjosubroto. This song’s literal meaning was about a mother (“Ina” means mother) who went to Manado city to buy some cakes, but her daughter (“Keke” means daughter) asked for the cakes when it has already finished. Many interprets this song as an unconditional love from a mother to her daughter, but the daughter was too late to realise it. The setting takes place in an empty beach, full of nostalgic feeling. It  should be performed with much expression, but it should sounds light and warm with less vibrato at the same time. (Jakarta, February 10th, 2018)

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O ina ni keke, mangewisako

Mangewa ki wenang, tumeles baleko

We ane, we ane, we ane toyo

Daimo siapa kotare makiwe

Performed by Feixiang Choir Jakarta
Cherly Susanti, conductor
Alexandra Katya, soprano

Star Light, Star Bright

Star Light, Star Bright’s main idea is to imitate the twinkling stars, which represented by the rhythm pattern at the beginning of the song. As it was initially written for primary students, the composer tried to make it as simple as possible by having repetitive patterns, only with different keys and tempo. (Jakarta, April 13th, 2018)

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Star light, star bright

First star I see tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight

Commissioned by Los Pajaritos
Recorded by SD Gloria 3 Children Choir
Ike Sinandang, conductor