Mass of Light

The Mass of Light is a parody mass based on my previous work, Cahaya Purnama (“Moonlight”, 2017). The themes borrowed from Cahaya Purnama occur in every movement yet with various tonality and rhythm, written in double choir motet, inspired by Rheinberger’s Mass in E flat major op. 109, Cantus missae (1878). While this mass setting is written for double mixed choir, Credo became the only song where both choirs are unified, representing the unified parishioners proclaiming their faith.
Adapting the Roman Catholic church tradition since the Medieval towards the Renaissance period, there are parts written imitating the Gregorian chant, while other parts are written in antiphonal style, a style that is also used by Bach in writing his double choir motets. Beside the early music style, this setting is also written in carefully-selected keys, referring to the Baroque’s Doctrine of Affection; where music should be affecting the feeling of the listener, thus each key was said to have a characteristic—each song’s opening tonality sets the mood of the whole song, while the closing tonality express the final mood. The music is also enriched by a rich layer of groovy rhythm, something I always include in my music as a Southeast Asian composer.
After all, this mass setting is a prayer of hope, and I personally celebrate my faith to God through this mass setting.


Recorded by Cantabile Chorale
Anggi Wibawanto, conductor
Prajna Indrawati, piano

A commissioned work for Best Student Choir Festival 2022, this song is challenging for both the choir and the pianist. While only using one word, ‘alelluia’, for the lyric, this song displays a different texture in each section. (Jakarta, 20 August 2021)

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Hodie Christus Natus Est

Recorded by Gita Swara Gunsa Jakarta
Ruddy Kosim, conductor
Prajna Indrawati, piano

Commissioned by Gita Swara Gunsa Jakarta for Best Student Choir Festival 2022, this song is challenging for both the choir and the pianist. The text is taken from the antiphon to the Magnificat and meant to be sung on the Christmas day. (Jakarta, August 17th, 2021)

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Daemon Irrepit Callidus

Recorded by Feixiang Choir Jakarta in the 33rd Praga Cantat, 2019
Cherly Susanti, conductor

This song was written during the moslem’s Ramadan month, and it was the second song written by the composer. This song rhythmic pattern and melody was influenced by the unique Ramadan tradition in Indonesia, where people will play rebana and hit the Bedug as a part of their celebration. (Jakarta, June 28th, 2015. Revised on June 8th, 2019)

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Daemon irrepit callidus,

Allicit cor honoribus,

Ponit fraudes inter laudes, cantus, saltus.

Quidquid amabile Daemon dat,

Cor Jesu minus aestimat.


Caro venatur sensibus;

Sensus adhaeret dapibus;

Inescatur, impinguatur, dilatatur.

Quidquid amabile Caro dat,

Cor Jesu minus aestimat.


Adde mundorum milia,

Mille millena gaudia;

Cordis aestum non explebunt, non arcebunt.

Quidquid amabile Totum dat,

Cor Jesu minus aestimat.