Daemon Irrepit Callidus

This song was written during the moslem’s Ramadan month, and it was the second song written by the composer. This song rhythmic pattern and melody was influenced by the unique Ramadan tradition in Indonesia, where people will play rebana and hit the Bedug as a part of their celebration. (Jakarta, June 28th, 2015. Revised on June 8th, 2019)

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Daemon irrepit callidus,

Allicit cor honoribus,

Ponit fraudes inter laudes, cantus, saltus.

Quidquid amabile Daemon dat,

Cor Jesu minus aestimat.


Caro venatur sensibus;

Sensus adhaeret dapibus;

Inescatur, impinguatur, dilatatur.

Quidquid amabile Caro dat,

Cor Jesu minus aestimat.


Adde mundorum milia,

Mille millena gaudia;

Cordis aestum non explebunt, non arcebunt.

Quidquid amabile Totum dat,

Cor Jesu minus aestimat.