Di Bawah Lembayung Senja

Di Bawah Lembayung Senja is the second piece of Cherly’s 3 Lagu Tentang Hidup. This particular song is written in B minor as requested by Prajna Indrawati, a collaborative pianist whom requested Cherly to write a piano piece in B minor. The lyrics specifically contain no rolling “r” due to Cherly’s difficulties in spelling rolling “r”.

This song is about one’s midlife struggle, not knowing what the future holds, yet the universe said: keep moving forward with full of hope.

Di bawah lembayung senja setapak demi setapak aku melangkah.

Tak nampak bagiku ujung jalan, gelita laksana malam tiada bintang.

Namun semesta membisikkan padaku, lewat hembusan angin menyapaku: “Melangkahlah dengan penuh asa.”