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Mass of Light

The Mass of Light is a parody mass based on my previous work, Cahaya Purnama (“Moonlight”, 2017). The themes borrowed from Cahaya Purnama occur in every movement yet with various tonality and rhythm, written in double choir motet, inspired by Rheinberger’s Mass in E flat major op. 109, Cantus missae (1878). While this mass setting is written for double mixed choir, Credo became the only song where both choirs are unified, representing the unified parishioners proclaiming their faith.
Adapting the Roman Catholic church tradition since the Medieval towards the Renaissance period, there are parts written imitating the Gregorian chant, while other parts are written in antiphonal style, a style that is also used by Bach in writing his double choir motets. Beside the early music style, this setting is also written in carefully-selected keys, referring to the Baroque’s Doctrine of Affection; where music should be affecting the feeling of the listener, thus each key was said to have a characteristic—each song’s opening tonality sets the mood of the whole song, while the closing tonality express the final mood. The music is also enriched by a rich layer of groovy rhythm, something I always include in my music as a Southeast Asian composer.
After all, this mass setting is a prayer of hope, and I personally celebrate my faith to God through this mass setting.


Composed for SATB divisi acapella.

This song is written when I feel so unsure of life, where to go, just as the title depict. It was commissioned by Cantabile Choir, Anggie Wibawanto, conductor.


During the Covid-19 global pandemic time, a lot of us have to limit our activities outside, including choir rehearsals. We as one of lucky choirs who still able to practice online, are still missing the face to face rehearsal, especially the vocalizing. This is another warming up song written for SATB, also available for SSAA acapella. (Jakarta, May 30th, 2020)

Recorded by PSM ITB and PSM Untar


During the Covid-19 global pandemic time, a lot of us have to limit our activities outside, including choir rehearsals. We as one of lucky choirs who still able to practice online, are still missing the face to face rehearsal, especially the vocalizing. This piece is written by for all of us who miss the vocalizing part of our rehearsal. (Jakarta, April 20th, 2020)

Recorded by Feixiang Choir Jakarta


Batanghari is a Jambi traditional song. The lyrics were written in rhyme, talking about the beauty of the city of Jambi as well as one’s feeling. (Jakarta, December 7th, 2018)

Commissioned by Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Ubaya
Performed by Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Ubaya
Bagus Syafrieza Paradhika, conductor


Written for SATB acapella.

Commissioned by SMAK 3 Penabur Jakarta, Roeddy Kosim, conductor.

The song is an encouragement for each of us to always hopeful, moving forward one step at a time.


Angin (The Wind) was a setting based on a poem written by Bagus Syafrieza Paradhika, dedicated to Okie Hosea (July 8th, 1981-July 30th, 2020). The music implies a lot of word painting technique such as ‘rainbow’, ‘ stop’, and others. (Jakarta, April 24th, 2020)

Mendesau berkesah

berhembus lirih

Menyampaikan pesan

Kesan malam merindukan nurani

Memimpikan fajar berpelangi

Bertahtakan mentari

Berhasrat menuju cakrawala meninggi

Membawa perih dambaan hati

Bertiup lirih semilir gemerisik

Berpilin-pilin mensunyi sesekali berhenti…

Membawa pergi rahasia hati.

Akankah gejolak batin pergi berakhir?

Senyap bertenang angin malam

Sampaikan salamku padanya

Buah hati kenangan pesona

Yang dulu ada kini tiada…

Sang penguasa hidup dan semesta

padaNya lah segala asa.

Bagus Syafrieza Paradhika, 2020

Commissioned by Coro Semplice Indonesia
Recorded by Coro Semplice Indonesia
Bagus Syafrieza Paradhika, conductor

Perjalanan Angan

Perjalanan Angan (Journey of Thoughts) was inspired by the busy traffic in Jakarta. Cherly described the beginning as someone is walking through a crowded situation where people are chatting, the cars are honking, a bakso (meatball) seller is passing by and the ambulance’s siren is heard, when suddenly the thoughts of that person slowly enters one’s own imagination built by the surroundings. With a lot of ideas and imagination, one is dancing in one’s own head. (Jakarta, May 27th, 2019)

This piece can be purchased from here.

Commissioned by 78 Youth Choir Jakarta
Recorded by 78 Youth Choir Jakarta
Jessica Fedora Amadea, conductor


Sarinande is a traditional Moluccan (Maluku) song about a girl named Sarinande. She cries as if smoke gets in her eyes because she feels uneasy. Cherly dedicated this arrangement for her late brother, who passed away in 2012. He was a volunteer teacher in North Maluku. The intro of this arrangement was inspired by the waves in the Maluku sea Cherly has seen in the documentaries of her late brother. (May 2nd, 2015)

This piece can be purchased here.

Sarinande, putri Sarinande

Mengapa tangis matamu bangka’?

Aduh mama, aduhlah papa

Bak asap api maso’ di mata

Aduh mama, aduhlah papa

Hati risau apalah obatnya.

Recorded by Feixiang Choir Jakarta
Cherly Susanti, conductor

O Ina Ni Keke

O Ina Ni Keke is a North Sulawesi traditional song written by R. C. Hardjosubroto. This song’s literal meaning was about a mother (“Ina” means mother) who went to Manado city to buy some cakes, but her daughter (“Keke” means daughter) asked for the cakes when it has already finished. Many interprets this song as an unconditional love from a mother to her daughter, but the daughter was too late to realise it. The setting takes place in an empty beach, full of nostalgic feeling. It  should be performed with much expression, but it should sounds light and warm with less vibrato at the same time. (Jakarta, February 10th, 2018)

This piece can be purchased from here.

O ina ni keke, mangewisako

Mangewa ki wenang, tumeles baleko

We ane, we ane, we ane toyo

Daimo siapa kotare makiwe

Performed by Feixiang Choir Jakarta
Cherly Susanti, conductor
Alexandra Katya, soprano